Digital X-Ray and Imaging Technology

Our newest addition to the practice is our digital x-ray and intraoral camera equipment. With the addition of our digital x-rays, we have been able to drop our radiation exposure by 75%!  This means we take 3 x-rays with the same amount of radiation as it took to take one film. This equipment gives us instant information and is displayed to allow you to become an active participant in your dental care. There’s no need to see a strange shadow on a 1 inch piece of film, you can now see the image on a 17 inch monitor.

This technology allows us to detect problems faster and intervene when needed at an earlier and more conservative time.

We have also added an intraoral digital camera to the practice. This allows us to show you any areas of concern on the computer monitor so you can better understand what we are trying to explain. 


Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is one of the fastest growing areas of our profession. Lasers add a whole new range of treatment possibilities with respect to your oral health. With the addition of our soft tissue laser we too can offer these new and exciting services. Often procedures can be completed without injections of anesthetic and the postoperative healing is considerably faster, and less painful. Our laser allows us to treat conditions as simple as a canker sore, or in more complex cases replace a scalpel and resulting stitches altogether.

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